How are teams allocated?

Players are graded according to skill and fitness at the beginning of the season, and placed in a team in an appropriate division. To ensure fair distribution of players, the club cannot guarantee which team players will be placed in.

Grading Criteria

Grading typically involves a warm-up, running-with-the-ball drills and then a six-a-side game with players rotating on and off to allow the graders ample time to assess their skills. Dates will be set prior to the beginning of the season.

The assessment will look at the following areas:

Running with the Ball

Controlling the ball whilst moving at speed, and when changing direction and pace.

First touch

Controlling the ball with the most appropriate body area. Receiving the ball (with good body position) in order to execute an action decided prior to the ball arriving.

Striking the ball

Includes passing, shooting, crossing and heading.

Positioning + awareness (off the ball)

Moving in order to receive the ball immediately, or soon, to distract or displace opponents, or in anticipation of loss of possession. Making logical and strategic decisions about where to be and what to do next, even if the actions are not well executed.

Anticipation of other players’ actions (including the opposition), and seizing opportunities.

Agility, balance, + coordination

Physical ability, both with and without the ball, demonstrated through quick changes in direction and pace, a physical readiness for the next play, and physical coordination of the whole body.

Graders will allocate points based on the above criteria and suggest a division for each player.

1 = Outstanding ability
3 = Very Good
5 = Competent
7 = Inconsistent (but occasional)
9 = Requires development