Registration to play for the Flying Bats is processed online. The online registration system records your information, takes payment and asks you to agree to the terms and conditions as set by the Association and the Flying Bats.

The Bats employ on-time and late fees to encourage early registration. You need to register during the on-time period to avoid disappointment. Registrations are on a first come, first served basis.

What you need for online registration:

  1. The step-by-step guide below,
  2. Your personal details,
  3. A Visa or Mastercard,
  4. And a photo (see below).

The fees

  • $330.50 for early bird standard membership (1 January – 11 February)
  • $307.50 for early bird student membership (1 January – 11 February)
  • $340.50 for on time standard membership (12 February - 21 February)
  • $317.50 for on time student membership (12 February - 21 February)
  • $355.50 for late standard membership (from 22 February)
  • $332.50 for late student membership (from 22 February)

The photo

As part of registration, you must provide a photo for the Association. This photo must be:

  • Under 20 MB,
  • A true likeness of you,
  • A front view of your head and shoulders,
  • Without hats or sunglasses,
  • Taken on a white background,
  • And less than six months old.

Top four tips:

  1. Do not use Safari or Firefox browsers – they are not compatible with the system.
  2. Ensure your photo has a white background.
  3. Add an emergency contact so you can progress to the next page.
  4. If you choose the manual payment option, transfer your payment within 24 hours with your name in the description.

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If you have any questions about registration, contact the Registrar (registrar[at]