What if it rains?

Washouts and cancellations are a reality when playing football. If the weather is looking bleak prior to training or a match day, keep your eye out on Facebook – we’ll make wet weather announcements there. We’ll send out a message to all coaches and managers as soon as advice has been given to the club.


To find out if Tempe Reserve is closed, please refer to the Innerwest Council website wet weather information after 2pm here or contact 9335 2299.


In the event that games are cancelled on the weekend, you’ll receive an email from your team manager. We will also post this information on our Facebook page.

Alternatively, you can call the Ryde Council Wet Weather Information Line on 9952 8244. The council endeavours to make a decision for sportsgrounds availability on Fridays by 2.30pm.

Hot weather policy

With higher temperatures now occurring more frequently, we need to be aware of the effects of heat and humidity when playing football. Football NSW has considered several factors in the development of their policy, including the ongoing popularity of summer football and an increase in the temperatures leading into the winter season.

The following is provided in accordance with information provided by Sports Medicine Australia. It is recommended that activity be cancelled/postponed in the event of temperatures of/in excess of 37°.*

*This is a maximum cancellation temperature.  Cancellation of games, training or events at lower temperatures may be necessary depending on local conditions and player wellbeing and acclimatisation.

For more information, please see: